Inventory Management

Boxes kept on row of shelves in the warehouse


  • Finished goods/for-sale goods: The products you sell to your customers
  •  Raw materials: The inventory you use to make your finished goods
  • Work-in-progress: Essentially, unfinished goods — inventory that is part-way through the manufacturing process
  • MRO goods: MRO stands for maintenance, repair, and operating, this is the inventory you use to support the manufacturing process
  • Safety stock: The additional inventory you keep in store to deal with supplier shortages or surges in demand
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Pick & Pack

Pick and pack fulfillment occurs once an order is placed in an online store. This is a crucial process that ensures any customer who places an online order gets exactly what they ordered in a minimal amount of time. Therefore, this process of pick and pack fulfillment is important for efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Parcel delivery

  •  EMS / next day
  •  Same day
  •  COD (Cash on Delivery)

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